Hire Us to Clean Your Drains


When was the last time your drains were cleaned? If your sink or tub is draining slower than it should be, you most likely have a clogged drain. Now is the perfect time to hire a professional drain cleaning service in Billings, MT, to inspect the drains in your home or commercial building.

If your clogged drains are not cleaned properly, it can lead to significant damage and expensive repairs. Don’t let your property fall victim to a clogged drain. Call Midland Mechanical, Inc at 406-256-7823 today to schedule a drain inspection.

How to Prevent Your Kitchen Sink From Clogging

Your kitchen sink features one of the most commonly clogged drains in your home. Here are three preventive measures to take to protect your drain from clogging:

  • Don’t use your sink to dispose of grease. 
  • Don’t put large pieces of food or waste in the disposal. 
  • Install a drain screen to minimize the debris that goes down the drain.

Contact us today for more drain cleaning tips. You can count on us to keep your drains flowing freely year-round.